Our Man Pann
Pann McCuaig is an old phart who first programmed a computer in 1960 (I was just a kid then).

I'm a long time user and strong supporter of Open Source software. This entire site was built using open source tools, and is being served to you by a computer running an open source web server under an open source operating system. I'm buying a Linux VPS with VPS Dime who are great.

I'm moving!" Read all about The New Virginian.

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Graphic Images:
I like pictures as well as the next guy, but since everyone doesn't have a fast computer and high speed access to the net, I've separated them from the main page so you can "choose your poison." Sleep Easy:
If you have difficulty sleeping, check out whitenoiseCD.com.

Geek Books:
Check out my Book List for brief reviews of books that I own and have found useful for creating this site and other geek endeavors.

Geek News:

How to:
I've tried to get in the habit of making notes whenever I do something new to my computer. I figure someone else may want to do something similar and may benefit from my experience. OS Installation:
Over the course of time I've installed a number of operating systems on various computers. I've tried to keep notes. Here are some of them.
Personal Stuff
A native Washingtonian, I currently live in Seattle. I was born in Yakima and grew up in Walla Walla. Before moving to Seattle about two years ago I lived most of the previous twenty years in Portland, Oregon. I've also spent a fair amount of time in Vancouver, British Columbia. My degrees are from UC Davis. Once upon a time I taught at Lawrence University.
Discussion List
To facilitate communication regarding the points addressed here on the web site, I've started a discussion list. An internet mailing list is a common way for folks interested in a particular topic to exchange ideas.

What happens is this: whenever a list member sends an email to the list, that mail goes to all the other members.

At a minimum, I'll be using the list to announce any significant changes to this web site. In the best of all possible worlds, folks will help me build the site by pointing out areas for improvement, suggesting new links, etc.

The list is open (there is a painless approval process to keep me from getting spammed) and if you'd like to add yourself to the list, please do so.

Please enter your email address:


An Unsolicited Testimonial
Hurricane Electric has a wide range of web hosting packages that combine reasonable prices with a terrific selection of services. They support their web hosting services with wonderful Web Account Documentation and Frequently Asked Questions pages. I've been completely satisfied. Interestingly enough, I've never spoken to a human being at Hurricane Electric, everything has been done over the Internet.

VEI Internet is my personal Internet Service Provider.
Hurricane Electric provides me with Web/Domain Hosting Services.
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