Installing Windows 95 on Your Linux Box

While Running Linux

Make sure you have a boot floppy for your Linux system before you start all this.

The other thing you'll need is a Win95 startup floppy that was created by a Win95 system running the same release you're installing (OSR2 in my case).

These instructions assume you're putting Win95 on the "first" hard drive. In my machine are /dev/hda and /dev/hdc. I'll put Win95 on /dev/hda. It's possible to put Win95 on the second hard drive if you really need to, but it's more work, and involves temporarily making the second hard drive the first (ya gotta open the box!).

Use Linux fdisk to create a fat32 partition on the first hard drive.

Boot the Win95 startup floppy and format that partition.

Boot linux and cp -a /cdrom/win95 to that partition.

Boot the Win95 startup floppy.

cd win95


The Win95 setup will have wiped out the lilo MBR, so you'll have to boot Linux from floppy and re-run lilo.

other =/dev/hda4

After Booting Win95

The general approach here will be to get Windows 95 fully functional first, and then to install other Microsoft products, and not to install any third party products until we know our "pure" mickeysoft system is OK.

After the initial reboot, notice that the network card isn't detected. Go to the Control Panel | Add New Hardware. Don't let Windows detect it. Tell it that it's a 3C509 in ISA mode. Before rebooting go into Control Panel | Network and correct the I/O address.

Now reboot and set up the network. Set up TCP/IP for the private network (with nameservers) and do the NetBEUI thing as described by Steve Gibson ( even though we're behind a firewall.

Reboot and make sure you can reach the net.

Copy the Save This Stuff folder from the zip disk to the desktop.

Move Tools into place so you can edit this with vi.

OK, that worked. So let's go ahead.

Create C:\Drivers\ and move the Matrox folder into it. Run setup.exe in that folder. Reboot.

OK, that's working. Let's setup the video (by the way, I'm now editing this with gvim.

OK, now let's use Add/Remove Programs get Win95 set up properly and then create a Startup Disk for this system. Oops, looks like we're gonna have to reboot and then come back for the Startup Disk.

OK, that's done. So let's set up the Desktop and Start Menu per our personal preferences.

Now let's see if we can find the USB stuff on the CD. Microsoft USB Supplement. Reboot.

Now before we actually connect to the net using IE let's upgrade to 4.01 SP2 from the TDA CD. Note that we're doing a Browser Only installation.

After the reboot, let's see about bringing IE and Win95 (including DirectX, which the Matrox driver has been complaining about) up to date.

First let it download/install some thing it wants in order to make use of this feature. Then download and install Critical Updates. Reboot.

OK, let's try upgrading IE from 4-->5-->5.5 using the TDA CD. First we'll install Alladin Expander in case we have to decompress something, and Yahoo Messenger so we can maybe chat with friends while we're diddling around with all this.

Well, looks like we need to do this from the net. Easier than trying to figure out what's going wrong. Ouch, 20MB download. Oh, well. Reboot.

How cute. Now I can't get to (or ping it). Try later.

Well, it's back. And now I'm going to install DirectX 8.0. If this breaks my Win95 installation I'll have to figure out how to get an earlier version that is new enough to make the Matrox driver happy.

Hmmm. It finished silently. That's scary. Reboot

OK, let's install the IntelliMouse driver. Reboot.

Seems to be working fine. Time for Office 95. Reboot.

OK, that seems to be all the Microsoft stuff I can think of. Now let's do the rest, starting with McAfee VirusScan. Install, reboot. Update, reboot. Scan the whole bloody drive.

Acrobat Reader. Excel 97 Viewer. Word 97 Viewer. Palm Desktop. Reboot. HotSync.

EditPad Classic. PuTTY. Juno. HyperTerm Private Edition.

OK, let's do Eudora now. Registration Code: (get your own)

That seems to work so I guess it's Netscape time! And reboot.

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