Installing WordPerfect 8 for Linux

# apt-get install libc5 xpm4.7 xlib6

# mount /dev/scd0 -t iso9660 -o ro /cdrom
# cd /cdrom
# ./install.wp

Linux 2.2.17 not certified.  Continue? (y/n) y

New Directory Name: /usr/local/wp8

* 1. Full Installation (78-87M)

New Registration Number: (get your own!)

* HP DeskJet 560C
* HP LaserJet Series II
Assign Printer Drivers To Printer Destinations:

     HP DeskJet 550C                         hp
==>  HP LaserJet Series II                   lp

   HP LaserJet Series II         Lpr

  1. CDE Desktop Icon
* 2. WP Online Manual (20M)
  3. Netscape Browser 3.04 (6M)

# du -sh /usr/local/wp8/
91M     /usr/local/wp8

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